Forming Your First Chord

Now that you are familiar with how to read the Chord Diagram let's get to
forming our first chord.

It's not so much about which chord we choose to form first as it is about 
"how"we form our first chord.
The E Major chord is relatively easy first chord
to form and get to sounding clear.

Pay attention to all of the considerations mentioned below the photos and
your E Major chord will be sounding sweet in no time.
Make sure to pluck each string,
one at a time,
to make sure it is ringing clearly before strumming the entire chord.

Does it sound like this

       Fingers snug up to, but not touching 
                 the backs of the frets.

Only the pad of the thumb is touching        Fingers nicely, but not overly  
          the back of the neck:)                curved.  Palm of the hand is not
                                                             touching the guitar neck.