Chords in the Key of G Major 

A "Key" is a group of chords that sound good together. We will work with the Key of G Major first. A very "guitar friendly" key. Take some time to get these 5 chords sounding really sweet. They will be used a lot in the up coming sections.

Learn each chord with the same approach we used in forming our first chord:

  • Fingers nicely, but not overly curved. 
  • Fingertips snug up to, but not touching, the back of the fret.

  • Palm of the hand is not touching the neck.

  • Only the pad of the thumb is touching the back of the neck.

Suggested order of difficulty to learn these 5 chords - easiest to hardest: E minor, A minor, D Major, G Major and C Major.

Memorize the chord names in association with the form as quickly as possible. This way you don't have to keep looking at the paper, you can concentrate more effort on how well you are forming each chord!




Now that you know these chords a bit, let's try transitioning between them in measured time (got a metronome?).