BM 101 - Rhythm Guitar

Let's start with the most basic, basic, basic rhythm figures used in the blues. The diad or two note, chord. Aka as, the "Power Chord".

In this lesson I will show you:

1. Open chord forms: A5, D5 and E5. These are all the chords needed for a typical 12 - bar blues boogie pattern in the key of A. Played with all down strokes.

Here are the A5, D5 and E5 chords we will use in this lesson. The red note is the "Root" note of the chord! The "Root" note is the note within the chord that gives it it's letter name.

A5 open position  D5 open position  E5 open postion 

The 12 Bar Blues is the standard chord progression used in most Blues music. 

The 12 Bar Blues - Key of A 



BM 102 - Variations of the Pattern