the parts of the guitar

how to hold your guitar

 your picking and fretting hands

playing is easy

 tuning up

 another way to tune your guitar

how to read music 1 



how to read music 2

The First String: E

first string note e

first string note f

first string note g


First Song

first song

 Second Song

second song

Third Song

third song


Three Note Rock

three note rock


The Second String: B

second string note b

second string note c

second string note d


B - C - D

b c d


Three to Get Ready

three to get ready


Two String Rock

two string rock


Ode to Joy

ode to joy


Jingle Bells

jingle bells


Black Dog Blues

black dog blues


introducing rest


Rest Easy

rest easy


Rock 'n' Rest

rock n rest



introducing the pick up


When the Saints Go Marching In

when the saints go marching in

 The Third String: G

third string note g

third string note a 


Two Note Jam

two note jam


three string review


Brother John

brother john


Red River Rock

red river rock


Aura Lee

aura lee


Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore

michael row your boat ashore


Here Comes the Guitarist

here comes the guitarist

two new notes f# and c#


sharps flats and naturals


Sharpen Up

sharpen up


Rockin' Sharps

rockin sharps


Secret Agent Sharp

secret agent sharp

The Fourth String: D




D String Riff

D String Riff


Easy Does It 

easy does it

Crosswalk Blues 

crosswalk blues

introducing eight notes
Eight - Note Rock
eight note rock
Amazing Grace
amazing grace
Londonderry Air
londonderry air
Snake Charmer
snake charmer