BC - 000 • Beginner's Course
Let's take that guitar out of the box and get started................

This course will include all of  the "basic" things you will need to be able to do on guitar no matter what style of music you see yourself playing.

There is no one "right way" to learn to play. These sections do not have to be worked in any particular
 order. I will suggest sometimes that if you are "here" you might want to be able to do "this" already. Feel free to mix it up a bit. It's what makes learning guitar, fun and challenging. There are many different skills to master. I will lay out suggested practice routines so you can develop all skill sets in the course, at the same time. A little of each skill every day.

This course approaches guitar playing in the sense that most people want to "get to the good stuff"
. My promise to you is, everything covered in this course will have impact on your ability to play rock/blues/pop style guitar.

So you'll know, I learned to play guitar from a book that taught standard notation. The Mel Bay series. I learned to read as I learned to play. I also was very motivated to learn music I was hearing on the radio at the time. Those of us who did it this way have ended up with the ability to play from standard
notation and by ear at the same time.

You do not have to learn to read standard notation to enjoy a lifetime of guitar fun:) But!.........If you have any desire to become professional musician it is essential that you learn to read it!

The focus of this course is to get you mastering skills that you will immediately recognize as"something you may have heard" and wanted to play.