So ya wanna learn to play 'da blues! Well lucky for you, you're in the right schpot! I suggest first we learn to play good Blues Rhythm Guitar figures and then move into playing some Blues Lead (Melody) Guitar. You are either doing one or the other at any given time. Before any cool leads can be played by anyone, someone should be playing a solid rhythm guitar figure for them to be able to solo on top of.  I suggest becoming an adequate "Rhythm" Guitarist first. The other guitarist in the room who are dying to take a solo will appreciate your ability to play solid "Rhythm" guitar.


BM 101 - Rhythm Guitar
Let's start with the most basic, basic, basic rhythm figures used in the blues. The diad or two note, chord. Aka, the "Power Chord", to a "Rock" Guitarist.
Let's learn the A5, D5 and E5 chord forms and string them into a 12 bar blues. 

BM 102 - Variations of the Pattern
After you've mastered the initial basic rhythm figure here  are some subtle, but important variations of the basic rhythm figure that will give your rhythm guitar playing a bit more flavor and style.

BM 103 - 12 Bar Blues - using Movable chords A5, D5 and E5
The same 12 bar blues in A. This time I play it with "Movable" forms of A5, D5 and E5! Very important to get these movable chord forms together properly.

BM 104 - 12 Bar Blues in A - adding the 6th to movable chords A5 D5 and E5
Adding and releasing the 6th to our "movable" A5, D5 and E5 chords will create the boogie sound.

BM 105 - 12 bar blues in E
Now that we know how to form movable chords, we can play blues in all 12 keys. In this lesson I show you how to play a basic blues in E.

BM 106 - Other Rhythm Patterns
Having mastered "open" and "movable" chords and how we can add and release notes to them to create variation, one could now branch off into the myriad variations that can be created from that small pool on info. On this page I will offer every permutation I've can recall having come across for your learning pleasure. Happy Practicing 

BM 107 - Blues Soloing

First things first! Let's learn the E Minor Pentatonic Blues Scale!

BM 108 - Blues Phrases