Why Use a Metronome?

All Rock, Blues and Pop music has a "pulse" or "beat" that is very constant and steady. It's what you dance to, or clap your hands to. This "beat" is always there, even when we are not thinking about it. That having been said, it might make sense to practice to something, a metronome,drum machine or anything electronic that keeps perfectly steady time.

Although it may not seem very "fun" to practice to this thing that keeps steady time, it can be very revealing as to where we need to focus a little extra attention to our timing issues. I suggest dedicating a portion of your practice session to practicing with the metronome. I don't feel it is realistic that we have it on all the time though. Sometimes you just want to play the music by yourself without the distraction of the metronome. The idea is if you practice enough with the metronome, when you turn it off and play by yourself you will still "feel" that steady pulse.

 Photos of common metronomes: